Saraki’s Judgment: SAN accuses ICPC of shabby work,

By Edem Okon, Calabar

The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) have been accused of not doing thorough investigations in Saraki’s Supreme Court’s case.

“If they did thorough work in their investigations and have been able to garner enough facts and evidences with which to prosecute the Senate President, they wouldn’t have failed.

“Investigations shouldn’t have been done for the purpose of embarrassing somebody in the public; they should desist from public trials. In court, whatever they are doing in the press would not influence the Judge or the minds of the Judge”.

Ntufam Mba Ukweni Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) told DAILY NEWS on phone on Sunday that “The Judge was only going to be influence by the hard fact and the position of the law on the issue.

“The fact presented to the Judge was what would influence the Judge. The Saraki’s matter started in the Code of Conduct Bureau Tribunal which has the same power like the High Court.

“But the Judgment shows that they did not do well and it shouldn’t be because the President wants to deal with a particular person  or perceived enemies, they proceed against the person, No, if they do that they will fail as they have failed” he stated.

Ntufam Ukweni lamented what is obtained in Nigeria, explaining that when they knock at your door, they came to arrest you before they start investigations and in many cases, they put you behind the bar and start squeezing out information from you in consonance with what they have already prepared.

“If there is allegation that a person has stolen money, all what the Police is doing was to panel beat the suspect to accept he has done that, that is not investigations.

He said all of us are concern about the Anti Corruption fight, “There is no right thinking member of Nigerian society who would not be happy that corruption is reduces to barest minimum but not with the approach that is taken place now.

“The prosecutor does not manufacture evidence, he deal with the fact and evidence handed over to him by the investigating body.

“So if the prosecutor does not have sufficient fact before him to enable him present a case that would sustain the charges, the charge has to be dismissed as it is in the instance case of Saraki.

“The role of the prosecutor is not to do investigation. What the EFCC or ICPC should have done which they have not done, would be dispassionate, it is not to look at the body movement or language of whoever is in the authority, proceed with the investigations and keep their minds open and be thorough in investigations.

“A persecutor is already pre-determined to nail the person; a prosecution is thorough in his work, dispassionately and present the evident before the court for the court to decide.

He said that the agencies should take correction from whatever lapses that have occurred in previous investigation and trials that have taken place.

Consequently, SAN explained that the Saraki’s matter was turning out to be political, “Any matter done dispassionately, you will see the result, but if any done with malice and politically motivated will end the way this one has ended” he emphasized.


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