Brotherhood of the Cross and Star sues for peace…chastises political class to stop hatred, embrace love.

By Edem Edem Calabar

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS) has sued for peace in Nigeria and chastised Nigerian political class and others to love one another as a way to entrenching peaceful co-existence.

Addressing a press conference to mark the celebration of the Heavenly Father event in Calabar, the BCS spokesman, Christ Ambassador Edet Akpan lamented alleged killing in the country and urged politicians and others to embrace peace.

“God has His own way of life that when followed, it will take away all the problems, it is very simple, love ye one another, if we love one another, nobody will steal, nobody will embezzled money, nobody will kill, nobody will go after wealth.

“So the problem we have in Nigeria is that we do not have love and that is what God has come to do, to make us love one another, by so doing, he will eliminate all the problems, God wants to bring back his children to himself after they have been separated in the Garden of Eden” he stated.

“If you love your neighbour, will you plan any evil against him, those people who are killing, if they have love, will they kill anybody, they will not, if armed robbers have love, will they rob anybody, they will not.

“We are talking about corruption in this Country, people want to amass wealth for themselves, if they have the love of the masses, will they be amassing wealth for themselves alone, No, they will not.

“You see most times God gives people wealth to redistribute to others but this wealth ends up being amassed and spent only in one family and at times only individual. God has come with this new ways of life and that is centred on love”

Consequently, the BCS Spokesman regretted that the governance of man was characteristic by hatred, discrimination, falsehood, intimidation, killings, imprisonment and injustice while on the contrary God govern in righteousness, love, forgiveness, truth and justice/

“This is the time of judgment, the time of selection. The Kingdom of God has been established on earth. The will of God has been brought to bear on the affairs of man” he stressed and urged people to imbibe the doctrine of God centred on love..

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