Churches ignores protests call by CAN over killing in Benue

By Edem Edem, Calabar

Churches in Cross River State have ignored call by Christian Association of Nigeria to embark on protest in their Churches over the killing of Christians in Benue state and other part of the Country.

DAILY NEWS who monitored the situation in Calabar observed that normal church services went on in Churches visited without any form of protest.

At the Presbyterian Churches and Intercessor Bible Mission (IBM) amongst others visited, there was no form of peaceful protest.

Rev Daniel Etim, a Minister in Presbyterian Church, Hope Waddel Parish in replied to a text message sent to him by DAILY NEWS said the planned protest by Christian Association of Nigerian (CAN) over the killing was unnecessary.

The Clergy noted that Christians should rather resort to prayers and hand over everything to God as He has the power to deal with any situation.

“Such protest is unnecessary. What we need to do is to pray without ceasing to God. God knows what to do with this country”.

Rev Etim, however, advised Christians to continually pray to God to see them through the agony they are facing today believing that with God all things are possible.

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  1. The Churches in Cross River State did not ignore the call by Christian association of Nigeria CAN National to embark on protest in their churches. I believe it was a communication gap that caused it. As even me as the immediate Past Chairman of Christian association of Nigeria CAN Cross River State and the Presiding Archbishop of intercessors Bible mission was not aware of the call for protest. We stand together with the National Body and will respect all their orders. So please correct the impression that we are not in agreement with the National body. Thanks and blessings.

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