Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints gives face lifts to Nigeria Chronicle, FRSC and VON,


By Edem Edem, Calabar

Over six hundred members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Calabar Nigeria Stake have given the Cross River State Newspaper Corporation, the Publisher of the Nigeria Chronicle, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and Voice of Nigeria (VON) a face lift.

The Church members arrived the three establishments by 7am on Saturday with several twenty litres of rubbers of assorted paints, working tools including wheel barrows, shovels, machets, rakes and other working tools and commenced work by scraping the walls, the gates, the front office as well as status symbol of the Nigeria Chronicle.

The Church members cut overgrown weeds, emptied drainages and evacuated refuse and painted the long walls of the three establishments as well as front view and status symbols of the Nigeria Chronicle.

Speaking, the Stake President of Calabar Nigeria Stake, President Alex Egon Nkoro said “We have been doing this for several years throughout the entire West Africa; carrying out the service project on 17th of August every year.

“We do this because our Saviour went about doing good, so we went out like Him and to see how we can be of service to our fellow men, because we know when we are in the service of our follow men, we are in the service of God and so we felt it is very importance for us to reach out to Chronicle, VON and FRSC.

“As members of the Church Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we have responsibility to serve mankind, the reason is because our master Jesus Christ, in Act of the Apostle, told us that He went about doing good, so as a man who went about doing good, saving mankind, most especially, He had atoned for mankind.

“As His followers, it is very importance for us to follow His footsteps, so for that reason, we have come to serve our brothers and sisters. That is why we are here, our members used their physical strength, rakes, cutlasses, wheel barrows, brooms and worked at three establishments. The Church was able to get some paints for members to paints the places we have choosing” he explained.

At the Nigeria Chronicle, the General Manager of the Corporation, Mr Emmanuel Akpong said “It’s absolutely a pleasant development, when I got a letter from them requesting to do community service within the premises, I did not take it seriously.

“In fact the magnitude of what I have seen here is beyond what I actually expected, it’s very gratifying that we still have organization that could on their own intervene in government establishment, because you know the mentality of our people, that government does everything for them, so if you have an organization intervening, to upgrade government facilities is highly commendable, I must say that I am very very impressed” he stated.

He said that the Church was not only preaching the word but practicalised it, “This is not only preaching the word of God and winning souls for Christ but it’s also putting smiles on the face of the people and government, government cannot do everything.

“The work is something to be commended. The Church is not one of those orthodox Churches because its impact attracted, particularly the young ones, I urged them to keep it up and do more, though I know that whatever is being done here is contribution of members and not that they have grants to do it, we want them to keep it up” Mr Akpong said.

Also speaking, the Bureau Chief of Voice of Nigeria (VON), Mrs Eme Offiong said, “I joined VON in 2012, by September, I was posted to the State office at Marian Road, ever since the fence had been like this, it had not been painted, even the Ministry whom we shared the building had made frantic efforts to get resources to paint it but never successful and nothing had been done.

“When we got a letter from the organization, that this was going to happen, in fact, I was excited and told my people in Abuja, that this was what was going to happen, they were like asking, if it is real. That they want the pictures of it, I said don’t worry, an organization like this cannot tell us that they want to give us much needed assistance and it does not come to reality. We are actually very very happy that your organization was doing this, we appreciate it” she stated.

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