2019: ADC/CNM and Ex. Gov Donald Duke meets in Cross River,

By Anthony Bassey, Calabar

The consolidated meeting of African Democratic Congress (ADC), Coalition for New Nigeria Movement (CNM) and for former governor of Cross River Mr Donald Duke held in Calabar, Cross River State capital.

The ADC Cross River State Chairman Princess Helen Ekpe said the ongoing harmonization meeting between ADC and CNM nationwide was to finalize harmonization of the parties.

“It was a conscious choice of ADC to meet with the executive committee of the CNM Cross River State as was instructed by former governor of the state (Mr Donald Duke).

She said that she appreciated the two parties for ceaseless attention they have been given ever since meeting of the two parties commenced.

“Let me take this opportunity to note the productive and substantial work, the ADC will accomplish if given the necessary support in Cross River State and Nigeria at large.

“We shall look at the amended sections of our constitution and approve important laws concerning the economy and social sector in the country.

She said ADC Cross River State will examine the State of Cross River State laws, which were passed in order to regulate key areas of life in the state to help give Crossriverians and residence the best Candidates in all available offices for effective governance.

“This was extremely importance reasons why ADC and CNM harmonization nationwide becomes very key. The consolidation is an importance decisions that directly concern people’s interests. I remind you that we will give Cross River State and Nigeria the best amongst our best” she stated.

“Looking at the decisions taken to develop the politics and governance in the state, we saw that they are based on a flexible approach, and this kind of flexible approach and logic is especially important for our growth as an alternative party where so much has to be done from scratch.

“Regional and local elections will take place in 2019. It is important that regional and local government work be organised effectively and that powers and responsibilities be clearly delineated in our consolidation

“But I say again, we must at the same time take into account the State’ particular circumstances and traditions and best practice in local and state government. First and foremost of course are the interests of the people living in this state.

Also speaking, the former Governor of the state, Mr Donald Duke said, “I hope that the meeting will finalize many of the suggestions made within the framework of the south south meeting.

“It will be a pleasure for ADC Cross River State to hear the suggestions the media and civil society groups may have for developing a better Cross River State and Nigeria at large.

“We have a great deal to do here. We have accumulated an enormous heap of problems that have essentially been unresolved for decades.

“Sometimes, one gets the sense that Cross River lived like a poor relation. The other political parties pumped a lot out of it and gave little or nearly nothing back. My sincere discussions with certain leaders speak to this directly. Indeed, they do not even try to hide it.

“Yes, there were many problems, and now there are even more in the state and nation. And, of course, they should have supported other movements to bring the best for the good of the State and Nigeria. They took a lot from Cross River and gave little back.

“That is the cause for the neglect of infrastructure, the economy, the social sector, and the low incomes of the majority of citizens. Now, within the framework of the transition period, we are taking the most pressing, priority measures to remedy the situation by trying to harmonize for the best.

“Internal squabble and scrabble for who get what are normal in political parties gimmicks especially in a nascent democracy like that of Cross River and Nigeria at large.

“But when such games get messier and personal, the ‘hands’ of a leader is needed to put a stop to it.

“ADC and CNM are political party as well as political movement which consists of different individuals with diverse ideologies and political backgrounds; harmony among members is still needed” Duke stated.


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